Wind Energy- Renewable, Sustainable, Clean Energy

Sustainability is clean energy. Is wind energy available for everyone? For those with higher wind speeds, windmills can provide an excellent source of clean, green energy.

Personal windmills aren't readily available, and they're widely misunderstood. Unlike solar panels, personal windmills only work for smaller applications, unless the has the wind speeds and/or space for large tower-type windmills is available. This doesn't mean that wind energy won't sustain, or supplement smaller, off-grid applications.

It's harder to estimate wind-turbine output, because wind isn't consistence, like sunlight. Even if it's cloudy for a week, solar panels wills till charge, where a wind turbine simply won't without wind. That's why it's important to research wind speeds and battery usage for wind turbines.

Typically, 9+ miles per hour average wind speed is needed to produce significant energy with a wind mill. Grid tied applications are great to supplement, or lower a power bills. Off-grid applications are great for sustainability as well. I think it depends largely on area and goals for the clean energy system.

I've personally been considering installing a small windmill for some low-key applications on our homestead, such as outdoor lights and water pump. We're primarily solar, right now, but I've been researching wind energy much more heavily for more remote areas of our property. Some wind turbines can even be converted to water pumps, such as the one pictured here.

Here's a list of the average wind speeds for every state. Some areas will vary. We're in a valley, so we probably don't catch the wind that the top of the mountain does. As you can see, Tennessee's average wind speed is 17.43mph, but our average wind speed is over 18mph. It depends widely on the area.

Generally, it's a better idea to install wind turbines on structures built for that purpose, as most roofs aren't built to sustain a moving turbine. It also takes a great deal of research to figure out the best height and location to install a turbine. We always recommend having wind turbines installed by a professional, but many install on their own, like this couple.

We're trying to make clean energy more accessible, so we've launched a wind turbine in our store. We're hoping that by offering solar panels, wind turbines and other forms of clean energy production, we can offer sustainability to a whole new generation. You can check that out at the link below.

How Wind Turbines Work

Diagram of the wind turbine available in our store.

We always recommend having wind turbines installed, inspected and maintained by a professional. There are many moving parts that require routine inspection.

In this video, you'll see how a wind turbine is set up and works.

Thank you so much for reading! Are you considering installing a windmill on your home? Drop a comment, below! Thanks for following us on our journey and tune on Mondays and Wednesdays for new posts!


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