Why we Picked Tennessee for our Homestead

Credit to Stefon for taking these pictures!

Tennessee is a beautiful state with gorgeous views. The Appalachian mountains run through the eastern part of the state, giving amazing scenery, like this unfiltered picture here on the right.

Yes, the mountains really are that blue. They're even more breathtaking in person. There's also filled with rich history, caves and even water that pours right from the rock.

Gorgeous mountains aren't the only thing this state has to offer, Tennessee is a great place to start a homestead.


There are no restrictions on harvesting solar power or rainwater here. In fact, there's little restrictions on homesteading at all. Tennessee is a homestead-friendly state! This was the most important thing to us when picking out a place to settle down. We 100% wanted to avoid being restricted for wanting to live a simpler life.

In fact, TN even has specific laws that protect homesteaders and farmers from various liabilities. If you'd like to read more, here's a link!


One of the bigger benefits to living here is no state income tax!

According to the Tennessee Department of Revenue, Tennessee offers an agriculture tax exemption to farms that meet one of these requirements. I was very much surprised when I read this, as some states don't have small-farm friendly ag exemptions. Again, another reason why I love Tennessee! Have I said that enough, yet?


According to KnoxNews.com, Tennessee receives an average of 51.6 inches of rain per year, ranking it the sixth rainiest state. This is excellent for collecting rainwater.


Shoutout to my fellow bow hunters! The great state of Tennessee provides a farm owner license exemption to landowners. Instead of listing all of the licensing requirements, I'm going to link to them, here. These are a cake walk compared to other states' requirements.

Now that I've talked about the legalities, let me talk about the game. Tennessee is home to a variety of wildlife. Mule deer, whitetail, black bear and elk are just a few I'm naming off the top of my head.


Appalachia is a rich culture filled with down-home cooking and hard-working people who are proud of their roots. Many live a simple life, just as their ancestors did. It's filled to the brim with history that shaped the way we live today.

I've lived in four states and traveled to 26. I have yet to find another culture like the one I love to call home.

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