Why I Revised my Novel Six Months after Publishing

Hi, everyone,

I incorporate real-life events and emotions into my writing, as many authors do. Storytelling is my creative outlet. If I don't tell the full story, I feel my work is incomplete.

When I began The Petty House, I worked from emotion, as always. My grandma, my best friend, had been diagnosed with cancer and writing was my catharsis. The idea for The Petty House sprang from a series of short stories I planned to release here, on this blog, but quickly sprang into a mini-novel as I coped with my complicated emotions.

Her recent passing devastated me in ways I could not comprehend. I journaled, but I reflected on my original grief.

Revising The Petty House felt right, as my initial, raw emotions are wrapped in the original story. I felt as if a chapter in my life closed with her passing, a devastating realization. I felt I needed to amend my story, as it no longer felt complete without the final chapter. I hope you all enjoy the revised edition of The Petty House, as it brought me so much comfort and closure to write.

If you would like to order The Petty house, it's available in Our Appalachian Store or on Amazon! As always,

Rebeka White

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