UPDATE: Things are changin' here at Our Appalachian Homestead

Hello, hello! Super happy you've all stuck with us through our hiatus. Sorry about that, but we've been through some changes and made some tough decisions in our lives, the types of decisions that have taken priority over the blog. We're sorry to leave you all hanging, but we are happy to be back!

Stefon has been presented with a wonderful career opportunity! I am happy, as he has worked hard for years to make this position. Unfortunately, this means he will not have the time to invest into this blog that it needs. After heavy discussion, I will be taking over the blog in it's entirety. This blog is a journey we both decided to take together, but it's time for him to move on and take advantage of this great opportunity.

You will still see him around, but part of his reasoning for stepping away is to ensure he is investing the time our physical homestead needs. His new position, plus our homestead, means he's got quite a lot on his plate, so we've decided it will be best for our situation to hand the writing/daily blogging tasks over to me(Rebeka.)

I love this blog, and I love to write and I am happy the work we've invested here will still flourish. It was a difficult decision for him to step away, but it is important to us to do what is best for our family. I am sad he will no longer be on the documenting journey with me, but I am over the moon about this door God has opened for him.

There are many changes coming and I am looking forward to documenting our journey with you all! You are all a wonderful crowd and I am excited for what the future holds.

Thank you all so much for understanding,

Rebeka and Stefon White

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