Review of my Bread Maker

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

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The run down:

Easy to Use? YES.

Easy to Clean? YES.

Worth the money? YES. YES. YES.

This thing saved my life(and my back.) I had just started making bread and didn't want to invest a lot up front. So, I originally purchased a dutch oven. I was making small loaves of bread, which was fine, but I wanted something a little "loafier."

So, I broke down and purchased bread pans. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love, love, love my bread pans. They make great loaves and they never stick.

The #1 reason I bought my bread maker is because it takes 95% of the time and effort out of making delicious bread. With this bread machine, all I do is mix the yeast together in warm water with the sugar, measure out the ingredients, then add them all to the bread maker. That's it. Depending on my loaf size, I'll have homemade bread in about two hours.

It does all of the mixing, rising, punching, etc for me. It even tells me when it's time to add nuts if I'm making that type of bread.

The best part? No kneading. It does all of my work for me. All of the kneading and the mixing. This thing is a life saver.

It's also stupid easy to clean. There's a non-stick pan inside of the oven part, which pops right out. The mixer paddle also pops out. Clean them both with soap and water, then let them dry. Bam. You're done. Clean.

I 100% recommend this to anyone who ever wants to make bread. You will not regret it! You can purchase it right here through Amazon and your life-changing appliance will show up right at your door.


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