Mary Struggled: Wine with Jesus

Updated: Apr 4

It's three in the afternoon, the dishes are piled up, the kids have poured their toy box out for the fifth time(today) and there's a shredded newspaper in the floor. One of the kids said a curse word and the other poured all of the orange juice in the bathtub. It's been a long day.

Days like this have you down. They make you feel like you're failing. I understand that. You're raising little warriors, but don't forget, you are a warrior as well.

Take a deep breath and repeat after me: My creator made me powerful.

When angel Gabriel approached Mary in Luke 1:28, she was confused by this gesture(1:29.) She didn't understand what Gabriel meant by his message. He went on to explain she had found favor with God(1:30) and would conceive, despite that she was a virgin. She gladly accepted(1:38.) God chose Mary because she fulfilled the prophecy of Jesus's birth.

Take a deep breath and repeat after me: I was chosen by God as the best Mom for my kid(s).

When Mary went into labor, while in town to pay taxes. With no room at the inn, she laid her firstborn son in a manger(Luke 2:7.) Not long afterwards, Joseph took Mary and Jesus, and fled into Egypt(Matthew 2:13) to avoid Herod's wrath. This also fulfilled a prophecy/God's plan for His son.

When Jesus was twelve years old, His parents traveled to the feast of the passover(Luke 2:41-42.) When they departed, unknowingly to them, Jesus stayed behind. They returned to Jerusalem to search for Him(2:45.) After three days, they found Him in the temple(2:46.)

Mary asked why He did this, as they worried about Him(2:48.) They did not understand(2:50) when He told them He was "about His Father's business(2:49.)" Mary remembered this(2:51.)

Take a deep breath and repeat after me: Everything happens for a reason.

Mary stood by the cross, while her firstborn was crucified(John 19:25.) Jesus asked a disciple to take her home before He died. As prophesied by Simeon in (Luke 2:34-35,) a sword would pierce her soul. Mary grieved for her son, but He would defeat death for all mankind, including you and your children.

You're doing a great job, Mama. Your babies love you and they will remember your sacrifices you've made for them. One day, when they are high-paid journalists and doctors, think back on that shredded newspaper and the empty orange juice bottle. What warriors you will have raised!

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