Make Money Blogging: How to start a blog from scratch, even if you have no experience.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

You’re sitting on your porch, overlooking your homestead. The chickens are scratching, the goats are grazing and the sun is shining. You have no traditional job, but you’re not worried. You make a full-time living from what you see before you. Your homestead. That’s the dream, right? How do you make money from your homestead if you’re in a very rural area, or working a full time job? I’ve researched various methods, but the best way I’ve found, so far, to monetize my homestead is right here, through this blog. There are so many benefits to homesteading. Organic, safe food, self-sufficiency and a great way of living. What if I told you that you could turn your life around by monetizing the things you do everyday on your homestead? Before we bought our homestead, I read blogs, watched vlogs and soaked in everything I could about the homestead life. Many others enjoy watching videos because they’re trying to start their own homestead, or because they’re looking for tips for their existing homestead. Many people just enjoy watching the farm-life(Agri-tourism, much?) My point is, there’s a market for homestead-related content. I choose to market my homestead by blogging, and one day in the near future, hopefully YouTube! How to get started blogging? If you’re anxious about the writing part, Khan Academy has some GREAT resources for all levels (K-College) for brushing up on your writing skills. I have put together a free eBook, sharing my secrets to making money through my blog! It's available free on Amazon(Make Money Blogging by Rebeka White!) It's listed as $0.99 without kindle. I also outline some tips in this post! Before starting your blog, research your market. My homestead in East Tennessee probably has a hugely different audience than a homestead in Southern California. I’d even bet the audience for the homestead down the street is at least a little different than my audience. By research your audience, I mean, figure out what they’re buying, what’s over saturated in your market and what is needed. This is a difficult task, but well worth it!

For example, you may want to sell eggs, but after researching, you find out the market for eggs in your area is so saturated, people are basically giving eggs away. That’s no good, but, upon further research, you find out that brown eggs are wanted in your area. Now you know a change you may need to make to monetize your homestead! How do you find out this information? I use Craigslist for my research. Look up what you’re trying to sell, how much others are asking and how many ads there are. Just because there’s pages of ads, doesn’t mean your market is over-saturated, but pay attention to these ads. Are they interchanging? Are they removed? Are their prices dropping?

There’s tons of people selling things on Craigslist and not taking the ad down, but if you’re seeing new results flowing in, and posts removed fairly quickly, this may be a good sign. This means other people may be selling, and potentially profiting, from what you’re trying to sell! Therefore, this means the market might be there. If you’re seeing tons of posts sitting for weeks on end, or reasonable prices dropping after time, this may be a sign that what you want to sell, may not be selling. The market may be oversaturated or there’s not an interest in the area. Ask yourself why these aren’t selling. Is it just an off-season? If there’s no obvious answer, it could possibly mean the market/want for whatever you’re selling just isn’t there. Now what? If you’re invested in a bundle of white-egg layers, when your market wants brown-egg layers, think about possibly switching those chickens up. Bring in some brown egg layers and cull, sell or trade the white-egg layers you have. If your family prefers white eggs, keep around a handful to suit your family’s needs, but when money is involved, you must follow what your market wants to at least some degree.

If you can stand out from your market, this could be great. While some people do not want change, you may could make your mark with the people that do. For example, let’s say there’s a saturated market for meat goats in your area. Are people also buying dairy goats? Finding a niche in a market can sometimes bring you money the overall market would not have.

Don't be afraid to get creative advertising to your audience. Post flyers at the feed store, leave business cards around town and post signs at the road. Don’t underestimate online marketing, though. Craigslist and other buy/sell websites are excellent for making connections with those who live outside your town, or never drive down your road. If you start your own blog, you’ll expand those connections to people outside your area, state and even country/world-wide. This means an even greater audience for what you’d like to sell. You may love Nigerian Dwarf Goats, but your area does not. Thanks to the internet, you may be able to make a profit from those goats by shipping them to a different state, where there’s a want for this breed, but no one to meet it. You get to meet this need from your own homestead, without ever traveling. That's a win-win! There are many different ways to monetize your homestead, but it is a trial and error to find one that will work for your individual situation. Making money from your homestead may take a lot of research, and time, but in the long run it can pay off, when you’re sipping your sweet tea and basking in the fact you’re your own boss.

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