List of Medications and First Aid Supplies to Stockpile

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Disclaimer: Never take medication, vitamins or supplements unless advised to do so by a doctor. I am not a doctor.

Medication/first aid is something we all need at some point in time, but is oh-so-forgotten by many beginning to stockpile. Not only is it cheaper to buy in bulk, but is a little bit of insurance through rough times.

If the stores are sold out, or there is a need to avoid the store due to illness, having a stockpile at home can truly become a lifesaver, especially during times of shortages or empty shelves.

Here's a list of 25 Pharmacy Items to Add to your Stockpile!

Acetaminophen (bulk)

Ibuprofen (bulk)

Naproxen Sodium (bulk)

Aspirin (bulk-off brand)

Antihistamine Tablets (bulk)

Day/Night Cold Meds (bulk)

Elderberry Cold + Flu Tablets (bulk)

Stool Softeners (bulk)

Laxatives (bulk)

Elderberry (bulk)

Activated Charcoal (bulk)

Magnesium (bulk)

Zinc (bulk)

Iron (bulk)

Prenatals (bulk)

Vitamin C (bulk)

Vitamin D (bulk)

Vitamin E (bulk)

Neosporin Cream (bulk)

Betadine (bulk)

Bandaids (bulk-off brands)

Gauze (bulk)



Gauze Scissors

Thermometer (no batteries)

Honorable Mentions:

Ice Pack

Heat Pack - also super easy to DIY

Epsom Salt

Tissues (bulk)

Please be sure to read through the descriptions to ensure you're getting exactly what you want, before purchasing! Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out our other post- 100 Stockpile Essentials!

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Please consult with a doctor before taking any of the items on this list. This post is for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as any type of medical advice. Buy at your own risk. Use at your own risk.

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