I'm currently growing this survival pack of seeds(after a year of storage)

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

I was a little skeptical of purchasing a packet of seeds from Amazon, but, I did it. I wanted a little extra security in my bug out bag, and I decided to take a chance. Low and behold, I'm growing these seeds this year.

There are 43 varieties of non-GMO, heirloom seeds in this pack, for around .42 cents a pack! That's an unbeatable price.

I purchased this to add into my emergency kit, but ended up replacing them with fresh seeds this year, and planting these. They are producing strong plants,

even after sitting in storage for almost a year! I have to say, I am so impressed by this little pack of seeds.

Included are all my favorite foods, tomatoes, carrots and squash, plus herbs and even pumpkins. I think this may be perfect for a seed bank!

You can check out this great little seed bank right here, on Amazon!

A seed bank is an important tool for anyone looking to become self-sufficient. If you're not planting a garden, or even if you are, they're a ticket to a better food selection in the event of a food shortage, pandemic or any other emergency.

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