How to Create a Beautiful, Functioning Blog to Make Your Voice Heard

When you're passionate about something, whether it be sustainability, reading a good book, or even speaking out against injustice, you need a platform. Where do you begin?

When I began blogging, it was for that purpose- I wanted a platform for my words. I wanted to make my voice heard. It's now turned into something so much bigger, because it's given me the opportunity to share what I've been learning about sustainability. Self-sufficiency and sustainability are a learning journey I've long been on, and I'm so grateful for this opportunity.

It occurred to me there's few resources available to those who are also looking to share their voices. Website designers are pricey and blogging is a tough game to jump into. I've spent 2018-2021 basically experimenting with website building and learning as much as I can about getting my voice out there. To face the ongoing issues in the world right now, we need passionate, loud voices to enact change.

I believe if more of the impassioned people I've come to know on this journey had a larger voice, or a platform to launch from, they could truly impact the world. I want to help make that change.

When I first began, I started from scratch. I had no former experience of anything, really, outside of farming or goofing off on the internet. I knew nothing about marketing, how to get found on Google or even how to write an engaging blog post. Basically, I knew nothing of how to get my voice out there.

Now I want to see others find their independence by speaking louder. Blogging is tough to jump into, but for the past four years, I've been blogging and basically teaching myself.

I want to share my knowledge, so I developed this course I wish I'd had back in 2018. I cover everything from researching and picking a niche, designing and building your blog, to creating engaging content visitors love to click on. It's all jam-packed in easy to understand, bite-sized pieces. I’ve also released an ebook, The Little Pink Book of blogging, available here!

Right now I’ve dropped the price down to only $5 for a limited time! You can take my blogging course by clicking right here! Note: This course is available on my other blog, Pink Desk Productions. This link takes you there!

I'm donating $1 from each program to Villalobos Rescue Center. Bulldogs have a special place in my heart and I love their cause. I'd love to make enough to virtually adopt one of those sweet babies, or at least buy them a few things off of their wish list.

For me, I feel like by putting my knowledge out in the world, I can help launch a new generation of impactfulness. My voice is only one, but by empowering others, I will begin a wave of change. The change that is needed in the world.

I know this post has been off-topic for what I normally post, but it's important to me to project as much good into the world as I can, especially since there's so much negativity out there.

What are you passionate about? Please drop a comment below and let us know!

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