How I Found My Positive Morning Routine

Starting the day off right can lead to a better mood throughout the day and less stress. For some, a calm morning with a book is ideal. For others, getting up and moving works better.

Humans are creatures of routine. meaning, when we find a positive routine that works alongside our natural cycles and lifestyle, we function better.

I'm a night owl, all the way. I'm not a morning person, at all.

I prefer to stay up at night and my most functional hours are at night. This means, for me, I need a routine that takes that into account, but also takes into account the fact I need to wake up early.

Having better mornings began with getting better sleep. I've struggled with depression in the past, which made it difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep. This, of course, made it difficult to wake up and get moving in the morning.

I know there's no one cure-all for depression, but for me, changing my diet to better fit my lifestyle, cutting out most junk food and working hard to develop positive habits was a life-changer. Easier said than done, but once I was able to manage my symptoms, I was able to fall asleep easier and sleep solid.

Getting enough sleep meant I was already waking up well-rested and feeling up to moving around, instead of laying in bed, fighting the alarm for an hour. Even on the days when insomnia kicked in and I slept past my alarms, I still tried to carry out my routine, or at least a partial version of it. I still benefitted from it.

For some, hopping out the bed on the first ring is a better routine. For me, this is a rude awakening and it ruins my day. I like to wake up slowly, and it's easier for me to wake up with this.

When my alarm goes off, I allow myself twenty-minutes of snooze time, then I allow myself thirty minutes to lie in bed and reflect on things that are bothering me. These are my "worry minutes."

When I have something on my heart that's bothering me, or something in the day ahead of me I need to reflect on, I use my worry minutes to concentrate on this. When I start to worry about this throughout the day, I remind myself that tomorrow morning, I have worry minutes to use.

It was very difficult to get into this mindset, but once I got into the habit of it, it was much easier.

When I roll out of bed, I immediately evict my pets from the house and ingest 100mg of caffeine. I'm kidding. I let my dog out, make a cup of coffee and sit down with my Bible. I read a chapter or two while I drink my coffee. This wakes my brain up and gets my thoughts moving.

Afterwards, I either sit back and reflect on what I read, or I scroll TikTok for a little while. I try to stay off of my phone until I'm through my routine, or else I get sucked into scrolling social media, instead of waking up.

This routine accomplishes three things for me, it wakes me up, gets my thoughts moving and inspires me for the day. It took me a while to find the routine that works for me, but I found that just taking these few moments for myself improves my overall mood and day tenfold.

Finding the routine that works for you is important. Not everyone benefits from a relaxed routine, but not everyone benefits from an active routine. It's important to find the routine that brings you happiness and positive benefits, not stress. It can take some experimenting, but a finding this routine can bring great benefits and better days.

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