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Updated: Jun 14

Appalachian culture is known as one of the most unique in America. We have our own language, varied through the mountain range, influenced by hundreds of years of immigrants and natives alike. We're known for our food, liquor and history.

Over the years, this has inspired many great books, often from writers of this region. Take a dive into a culture from these beautiful hills with these books based in the heart of Appalachia:

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek (historical fiction)

Based in the great-depression stricken mountains of Kentucky, follow Cussy as she carries on the Pack Horse Librarian Project. She confronts the sexism and racism of Troublesome Creek head on, because she knows she has a mission to accomplish: deliver books to Troublesome Creek.

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There is also a sequel, called The Book Woman's Daughter!

The Petty House (women's fiction)

Also based in Kentucky, and written by yours truly, The Petty House is a captivating story of love, betrayal, family and motherhood. Venetta must make a choice, between her country and her husband.

You can read the first few chapters right here!

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The Blue Ridge Library Mystery Series (cozy mystery)

A cozy mystery based in Virginia, a librarian and teacher's search for answers uncovers a shocking conspiracy involving their own families.

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The Appalachian (dystopian)

Based off of the Appalachian Trail in Maine, this gripping tale of the last baby boomer recounting his life at 128 years old. He's stranded in a remote cabin in Maine, off of the Appalachian Trail, with his dog and retells the downfall and crumbling of society.

I honestly do not know why this isn't on the best seller list. Read some of the reviews- this story is gripping!

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A Woman in Time (historical/women's fiction)

Battling against sexism and a dangerous marriage, Rosalee must count on her resilience and the knowledge passed to her to survive. Based in Kentucky!

I'm partial to this one as my aunt's name was Rosalee.

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The Funeral Dress (southern fiction)

As a single mother, Emmalee is alone until her seamstress co-worker insists she moves in with her. When Leona dies, she unites the town in her mission to sew her funeral dress. Basin in the fictional town of Cullen, loosely based on the real town of Dunlap, Tennessee.

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The Boys who Woke Up Early (coming of age southern fiction)

When two boys raised in the culture of racial divide find themselves head-on with the Klu Klux Klan, they find the stakes have been raised higher than they'd ever imagined. Based in western Virginia!

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A Day without Mama (southern literature)

This is the heart-wrenching story of the author's grandfather, based in Appalachia in the early 1900's. Thomas faces captivity and hardships only kept alive by his resourcefulness.

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Crossing Time in Pine Creek (historical mystery)

Jason and a local librarian set out to solve a Civil War mystery. Based in North Carolina in the 1950's.

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Appalachian Mist (saga fiction)

When Bobbie's abusive mother is dying, she returns to find solace. She never expected to meet her childhood crush again and for the hills to call her home.

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Thank you so much for reading and a big thanks to the authors for writing such beautiful books! Until next time!

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