8 Ways Farm Experiences Can Bring the Homestead an Income

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Airbnb is a website where you can offer an extra room, guest house or even a tent in your backyard as a short-term place for someone to stay. This is a great way to make an income on the homestead, but Airbnb also offers something called "experiences." This is where locals, or travelers, can book classes, activities or events to attend. This is where agritourism comes in.

With more and more people becoming interested in homesteading, or even just learning where their food comes from, there's a market for agriculture tourism. What may seem like the day-to-day work to you, may be something someone else would love to experience!

Here are 8 ideas for a Airbnb homestead experience:

1. Pumpkin Patch

This could go hand in hand with hosting overnight guests. A teepee in the pumpkin patch sounds like a super fun way to spend a fall night!

Not interested in hosting overnight guests? What about a carve-your-own pumpkin patch? Pick your own pumpkin? Pictures in the pumpkin patch? Bake a pumpkin pie from a fresh-picked pumpkin?

2. Sunflower Patch

I love driving by sunflower fields. They are so beautiful! They also make a great place to take pictures or create a maze. Looking for something a little different? What about a pick your own sunflower seeds patch? Have your guests pick their own sunflower heads, then teach them to remove the seeds right on the farm.

3. Goats

Believe it or not, there's a thing called goat yoga. You may need to get a yoga instructor involved with this one, but it could be a great income stream.

Goat yoga may not be your thing, but there's still hands-on experiences with the goats. What about offering a chance to hang out with goats as a type of interactive petting zoo? What about milking goats?

3. Milking

Milking goats brings me to experience #3! If you get up in the morning to milk, this could be an excellent experience for someone who you're hosting, or even as an experience! Before offering this experience, check the raw milk laws in your area. What's milking if you can't have a drink of fresh milk?

4. Making Cheese

Cheese making is an income-stream within itself, but what about teaching others to? This could go hand-in-hand with milking, by hosting a "milk a cow/goat and make your own cheese" experience! Again, you'll need to check the raw milk and dairy products law in your area before doing this.

5. A Day on the Farm (A real, working homestead)

What does your day consist of? Do you get up, milk, then grab a few eggs from the coop for a true farm-to-table breakfast? Do you feed your goats after breakfast, then pick from the garden for veggies for dinner? If you don't mind someone tagging along during your chores, your daily chores could be an experience within themselves!

6. Horses

Riding lessons, checking fences, checking cows and even bonding in the round pen are all possible experiences you could host right on the homestead! Even teaching the basics, like saddling and grooming are all part of the equestrian experience.

If you have a driving horse or mule, this is also a wonderful experience! Liberty work, join-up and even free-jumping are all possible experiences, as well!

7. An Edible Forest

Spend the night in an edible forest! This sounds like a great time to me. With a little work, a spot could be designated in a wooded part, or even the back part of a field(with a little re-wording,) to become an edible forest. Plant blackberries, herbs or even a tea patch!

If there's no "forest" around, there's always a night in the garden or a night in the orchard!

8. The Off-Grid Experience

There's a growing number of people wanting to live a more sustainable life. They're starting to ask where their food comes from and care more about being environmentally friendly. An off-grid, self-sustaining cabin gives them a taste of this experience!

With solar panels and it's own garden, an off-grid cabin could give guests the opportunity to experience truly sustainable living. This could also go hand-in-hand with #5, a day on the farm.

There's many more opportunities for homestead experiences! Every homestead is different and could offer different things! Do you raise your own wool? Kitting classes after sheering classes! With so many becoming interested in sustainable living, there's an opportunity for homesteaders to educate, inform and even make a few dollars while doing so!

I would recommend having a chat with your lawyer about the steps you need to take to keep your farm safe! I would also recommend talking to a lawyer about produce, dairy, eggs and other local laws. We cannot be held liable for damages that arise from this post.

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