5 Animals you Didn't Know Will Guard Livestock on the Homestead

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Coyotes, wolves, feral dogs and even big cats are all threats to livestock. That's why it's crucial to have eyes on your herd when you can't be there. Lucky for you, there's many options, even for small animals.

1. Alpacas

An alpaca can serve many purposes on the homestead, but one of their many uses is a livestock guard animal!

On top of this, an alpaca can provide your homestead with wool! Alpaca fur is considered luxurious and can also bring in an additional income!

2. Geese

While they may not work directly to protect your flock, geese are loud and obnoxious around predators. This means that if something is disturbing your chickens or ducks, they will make a bunch of noise!

3. Livestock Guard Dogs (LGD)

LGD's, or Livestock Guard Dogs, are one of the more popular LGA's. Dogs like the Great Pyrenees are bred with a protective instinct to take care of a herd.

4. Donkeys

These long-eared companions come in all sizes, from miniature to mammoth. Standard size donkeys + make excellent cattle pasture protection. Donkeys can be turned out with goats if they're raised around them, but otherwise it is not recommended.

They can also be an excellent workhorse for your homestead. Also, the American Donkey Association is an excellent resource!

5. Guineas

Guineas can also serve more than one purpose on your homestead! Similar to geese, guineas make a lot of noise around predators, which can alert you to any problems in the chicken coop.

They can also provide meat and eggs, just like a chicken. They'll also keep your property tick-free!

For more information on livestock guard animals, be sure to check out our other LGA posts!

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