10 Products that Will Make Homesteading Easier

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Homesteading is hard enough. It can be back-breaking, laboring work. Lucky for us, there have been products developed over time to make this job easier. Here are ten products that can make the homesteading life easier:

This solar powered light.

Don't want to run electricity to the chicken coop? Off-grid and don't use electricity? This light has it's own solar panel and can be useful in any number of places. It's also remote-controlled!

Need to grow a little longer? Check out this cold frame.

Need a way to prolong the growing season? This cold frame could help keep those veggies growing as long as December! It could also be a great insulator for an existing greenhouse.

Speaking of greenhouses, did you know that Amazon sells them for under $100?

This walk in greenhouse costs under $100! This could be a great, budget-friendly solution to prolonging the growing season! Film not your style? Here's a more permanent, budget-friendly solution.

This wagon with no-flat tires.

This wagon has a 560lb capacity and no-flat tires. Perfect for hauling veggies, milk or tools! I don't know about you, but a wagon is a must-have for me.

A 37-gallon tumbling composter.

Not interested in building a composter? This one is under $100! A great time-saving investment to get started composting! It's even a great space-saving solution.

A plucker.

If you're processing your own birds, this is a must. While it is a little pricey, it will save so much time and energy that it's worth it, in my opinion.

This one also has wheels, which is a plus for convenience!

These chicken waterers.

These were a life saver for me. Chickens love to make a mess out of their water. This is no secret. With these tiny automatic waterers, the chickens can't dirty up the water as easy or waste as much of it. A win-win!

With a little training, the chickens learn to push the float down, releasing water into the bowl. With this, the only wasted water is the bit that's left in the bowl.

A gas-powered fence post driver.

Driving t-posts is hard work, especially in clay or rocky soils. An automatic t-post driver saves your back by doing some of the work for you!

This gate wheel.

I wish that I knew about this a long time ago. No more picking the gate up off of a brick to open it. No more sagging gates! With this wheel, gates stay put and roll open!

Hands-on grooming gloves.

These are great for shedding seasons! Horses, cows, goats, dogs or even the cats love them! I love them for my horses.

Homesteading is tough enough, so why not have a few tools of the trade to make it a little easier?

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