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Rebeka White

Author. Blogger. Homesteader. Influencer.

Our Appalachian Homestead is a 20+ acre homestead nestled in the east Tennessee mountains. We're passionate about sustainability and sharing our journey to a life in harmony with the Earth, but prepping for the pitfalls of centuries of working against it. 

OAH shares a wide range of sustainability content, from small lifestyle changes to prepping for natural disasters and climate change. We're passionate about inspiring others who want to begin the same journey as us.

We are mostly active on Twitter and Pinterest. These platforms routinely reach over 150k impressions per month, while on Twitter we have gained over 11k followers. OAH sees 7k-10k page views per month. 

Here's a little more about our demographics 

53% of our audience are between the ages of 25-44

25% of our audience are between the ages of 25-34

21% of our audience are between the ages of 55-64

73% of our audience identify as women

We're open to opportunities of partnering with brands passionate about sustainability. We're also open to sharing backlinks from other bloggers and authors, guest posts and other related opportunities. We're open to anything that may benefit our audience, so send over your idea and let's hear it! 

Note: We're an inclusive brand. We will not work with others who engage in homophobia, racism, sexism or any other hateful activities.